Customer Loyalty Programs – as witnessed in the Gaming Industry

Loyalty programs designed today, offer so much more than just -points- – through customized technology you can deliver an extremely personalized experience and service when you gather and analyze data collected about your customers. With web-based incentive programs, you utilize a program with built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the information gathered is compiled in a database. The key here is to study the insight gathered from the customer and constantly adjust the reward programs to exceed the customer’s expectations.

A good example is how Customer Loyalty Programs are being utilized by the Gaming Industry. Many states are changing legislation to allow this revenue-generating industry to have a presence within their borders. Many upscale resorts offer several amenities other than gambling, such as entertainment, fine dining, kids programs, golf, tennis, etc. As these resorts are becoming more and more popular, being able to provide their customers with a memorable and positive experience that will supersede that of any other choice they may have in the area, customer retention has become the focus of this industry. With the bottom line being a direct result of player traffic and frequency, many Casinos have reached out to the incentive industry for guidance and specific technology to enable them to gather necessary data on those good customers and keep them coming back for years to come.

There are a multitude of reward options once a Casino knows what exactly will motivate their best customers. Along with offering the resort’s customized products, there are retail store gifts certificates, room service amenities, room upgrades, invitations to special events such as -High Roller Reward Programs- and Holiday events. According to a survey of industry insiders at the 2003 Global Gaming Expo, -When asked if the casino industry might following the airlines’ lead in trying to create valuable, independent businesses by marketing other products to their frequent player customers,- 100% thought it was a -good idea’ .

Author Richard Cross stated in his article, -On Beyond Loyalty Programs- that –success is identifying the service and product elements that really make a difference to each customer.- Online incentive programs allow for greater ease of communication and management of gathered data.

Once you have the proper tools to enable a better understanding of your customer and what exactly motivates them, it becomes easier to measure the customer experience and determine the return on incentive investment.

Reliance Brands Buys Superdry, Spurs Its Retail Business

Reliance Industries signed a 20-year license agreement with the UKs pioneer retail brand, SuperGroup to launch SuperDry in India. Superdry is one of the most looked after brands globally with celebrities like David Beckham and Pippa Middleton opting for it.

Though Superdry is one of the most desirable brands, it is affordable in comparison with other luxurious brands and hence paves way for this agreement. Reliance Brands has left no stone unturned in tethering with the present-day shopping pulse by housing the most renowned retail brands including Kenneth Cole, Diesel, and Brooks Brothers. It has around 53 stores across the country and proposes to set up 40 stores this year with international collaborations serving to be the channel. Bringing in Superdry will further boost the momentum of its business. The present year witnessed it collaborating with around six companies including Iconix Brand Group and Brook Brothers. Superdry is relatively affordable in comparison to Diesel, the brand that Reliance Brands handles at present. Its T-shirt costs Rs. 2,200-3,300 approximately and a pair of jeans is priced at Rs 5,500-8,250.

Theo Karpathios who serves as the chief executive of wholesale and international division at SuperGroup says that this partnership came into being after a long-term research that gauged the feasibility of the brand in India. He also added that the brands attitude and vision matched with Reliances and enabled them to break ground in a country like India that has a huge potential.

The exclusive fusion of design influences from Japanese Graphics and vintage America tailored comprehending with the British tastes, sets this brand apart. There are around 81 standalone Superdry stores in the UK and the Ireland along with 71 concessions in the House of Fashion, Harrods, and Selfridge’s. Intending to foray into international business, it rolled out more than 130 stores across the US, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East. SuperGroup is its parent company.

Though the company adheres to the no advertisement or a celebrity endorsement policy, the international celebrity following has added to its brand recognition massively. Around 70,000 pieces of Brad Leather Jacket were sold from 2007 to mid-2009, consequent to it being worn by David Beckham, football player.

Darshan Mehta, Chief Executive of Reliance Brands, considers the variety of brands that Reliance Brands proffers as its USP. Hence, it further takes the plunge to introduce many new international brands and acts as a one-stop store for all renowned brands in the country. The franchise agreement making it mandatory for international companies who venture into the Indian market to source around 30 percent of the merchandise from Indian vendors acts as an inducement for such businesses.

Industrial Marketing For Online Brochure Printing

Industrial Marketing for Online Brochure Printing Online brochure printing for big and small business dealers is an excellent way to improve selling. It is a good option to make use of brochure printing for businesses online and offline to effectively market goods and services. Brochures can be varied promotional tools that are vital to use in this generation of businesses. These things are multipurpose and can be fitting to use in different situations. They are appropriate even for small-scale businesses without big financial support for purposes of marketing since brochure printing for business sellers online is somewhat inexpensive.

Methods to boost the quality of inexpensive brochure printing Online brochure printing for businesses which use digital files to promote goods and services are very convenient these days. Brochures are applicable to various business conditions. They are easy to accomplish and distribute regardless of the financial support on hand. Online printing of brochures is not only practical but convenient when it comes to cost. There are ways to improve the quality of brochures through economical means.

Select just the paper you need. The paper used for online brochure printing for businesses has a lot to do with the total image of a pamphlet. A great layout and design will not be appreciated if the paper chosen for printing brochure is not suitable for such promotion type. It is important to match the type of paper with the overall design created. Shoddy quality of paper used will really make a negative image of the products and services along with the company that offers them. Using good quality paper for such marketing efforts enhances the design and look of brochures which will definitely make an excellent impression to consumers. Among the best considerations in choosing the type of paper is the finish. Matte types are excellent for making stylish and superior design while glossy ones make the colors stand out and is very striking when looked at.

Oversize brochure printing is certainly eye-catching. It is an important element in order to be seen among all others doing the same program of advertising. It is highly recommended to create bigger reproductions to boost appeal to target customers. This may necessitate adding more cash; nevertheless, the returns will also be more than expected.

Be more creative using folded brochures. Conventional folding of brochures does not generate enthusiasm. Be original and make use of innovative folds to easily gain the interest of potential customers.

Go through the design and texts of your brochure. This is to prevent from getting into humiliating experiences related to avoidable errors in grammar, spelling, and other possible mistakes in the brochure. In order to check this out, you can just print a copy of your finished design to see the overall impact and look for any mistakes. Technological innovations in the printing business have made this activity very cost-effective these days.

Industrial Maintenance What To Look For

Are you looking for somebody reliable to be responsible for your industrial maintenance? It is important that you do some research when deciding what company you want to contract to take care of your dirty work.

These businesses are responsible for your building’s maintenance. You want to make sure you are making the right choice of choosing who will do your machine repairs and upkeep. They might also have equipment of their own to rent, making it easier for you in case you require further services. Consider these steps:

Do Research

In the digital age, the fact of the matter is that the company you want to hire probably has a website. As a result, you can go to their website to see what services your prospective company can provide, plus you can research other work the company has done. If there are complaints about the company’s past work, there’s a good chance you’ll find information about it on the Internet. Most important, make a few phone calls, see what their customers service is like. Go take a look at their facility and see how they handle their own in-house situation. Again, make sure you feel comfortable, because you’ll be the one cutting the checks.

Look Into the Company’s Reputation

Check and see how long your prospective company has been in the industrial maintenance business. Have they done work for anybody you know? Take a look and see if they have a client list on the website. If possible, get in touch with some of their clients and ask for their opinion. If you feel like there is a strong amount of trust between the prospective industrial maintenance company and their clients, there is a very good chance that they’ll gain your trust as well. Ask around and see if they have a good reputation in the local community.


It’s important to see if the company is ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified. This will tell you they have passed a set of standards that the industrial maintenance industry requires and are willing to pass those tests to improve their business opportunities.

The Contractor’s Employees

Keep in mind, these are the people that will be working on your site, have access your machinery, and be making sure everything is up to par. Make sure that the company you want to work with has trusted professionals that will know how to satisfy your needs. A good working relationship with the employees can help your reach your long term goal of how you want your building to be maintained.


When you get a quote, make sure you try and put the price against another company. Don’t just take the first offer that you get. Shop around. If you feel like you’ll get the same quality of results from two companies, see if you can drive the price down and save a little money.

A Short Introduction to Industrial Refrigeration

Get to know a few basics about the industrial refrigeration industry. What is the machinery used for, and what does it consist of?

Common Applications

Fully functional, high level industrial refrigeration plays an intrinsic role in the success of any business working in the food industry. From keeping fish fresh onboard trawlers at sea to ensuring bananas are allowed to ripen in a suburban warehouse, refrigerator plants are used worldwide for a whole host of purposes. Dairy products, for example, need to be kept chilled at all times.

Most commercial, industrial and retail buildings will have an air conditioning system in place. This is one of the most common uses of refrigeration that is put to use to cool hot air.

In manufacturing, refrigeration is an absolute must in many cases. For example, it is used to liquify gases such as methane, oxygen and nitrogen. You will also find sophisticated cooling equipment in oil refineries and chemical plants.

Types of Refrigerants

The most common refrigerant used is anhydrous ammonia, also referred to as NH3, R-717 or simply ammonia. It is the most economical of the lot, which contributes majorly to its wide use. The chemical has other advantages as well, such as its excellent heat transfer and latent heat properties. Ammonia, unlike some of its counterparts, is biodegradable and does not contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Propane and propylene are usually found in refineries or major chemical plants. As gases, their downfall is the high flammability so these refrigerants cannot be used in environments where fire and explosions can occur.

Carbon dioxide is an environmentally friendly refrigerant as it is simply gas recovered from the atmosphere. It is predominantly used in situations where particularly low temperatures are required.

Other types of refrigerants do also exist. Their use depends on individual situations and requirements.

Refrigerator System Components

At the heart of the system lies the compressor, occasional referred to as the vapour pump that takes care of pumping the refrigerant, lowering and increasing pressure. Various types of this exist, such as rotary screw compressors, piston compressors and diaphragm compressors.

The evaporator plays an equally important role. It absorbs heat, allows heat to boil off the refrigerant to a vapour, and allows the heat to supercharge the remaining vapour.

A condenser is needed to forbid sensible heat and latent heat from entering the system.

The refrigerant metering device restricts the free flow of the refrigerant, ensuring only a safe and controlled amount is allowed to pass through the liquid line at any one time.