High Quality Visual Display Products & Accessories From Industrial Image Inc.

Industrial Image Inc. provides high quality visual products and accessories for the harsh environments of the industrial market. We use the highest quality LCD screens on the market combined with the industry’s most durable enclosures. Our relationships with the world’s top LCD manufacturers allow us to provide industry leading prices combined with fast deliveries. Our staff has over 60 years experience in the fields of Industrial Automation, Computer Hardware, Software, and Enclosure Fabrication. All of our products come with a 1 year warranty and unmatched factory support. Our experience and product quality makes Industrial Image your choice for “true” industrial grade monitoring products. We are in the process of expanding our FlashView Reseller Channel to P.O.P. display and kiosk manufacturers, advertisers, and content developers across the country.

Industrial Image Inc. provides high quality visual display products and accessories for the Industrial LCD market. You can get the highest quality Industrial LCD monitors for digital signs, trade shows and industrial display use. Industrial LCD monitors are available in both networked and stand-alone units for retail, kiosk, and vending Industrial LCD display applications. Industrial LCD create digital loop pictures and videos and are the perfect advertising tool. Industrial LCD are commonly referred to as advertising players, or ad players. They vary in screen size from 7″ to 46″ and can have touch screen displays! Industrial LCD and Industrial panel displays are used to mount an advertising player or ad player. Industrial LCD come in a variety of sizes and screen resolutions. Industrial LCD and Industrial panel displays can help you perfectly place your digital signs where potential consumers can easily read them. Use an Industrial LCD monitor to draw your consumers in, and deliver your message with todays impressive Industrial LCD technology!

Industrial Image can help you create a lasting impression with an Ad Player or Advertising Player and deliver your message with video messages and dynamic information display. Panel PCs make the message delivery smooth and exciting for the audience. Cutting edge technology Ad Player electronic messaging delivery is powered 24/7/365 and provides flawless digital display delivery. When you combine fast Intel technology and a powerful LCD flat panel display monitor within a compact chassis you get the ultimate Ad Player. You can order an Ad Player or Advertising Player today! Just call an Ad Player expert for a free consultation to determine which Ad Player digital signs is the right selection for your business needs. You can effectively reach your target audience with an Ad Player. You can invest in industrial panel displays and panel PCs to exhibit your business with class at any trade show. Keep up with todays advertising and technological market and add an Ad Player to your arsenal. Industrial Image Inc. is proud to provide industry leading edge Ad Player technology. Industrial Image offers competitive prices, superior service and with fast delivery.

Qualifications And Skills Required For Industrial Engineering Jobs

Industrial engineering carries great responsibilities in its stride including the determination of manufacturing process, setting and ensuring the production standards and evaluating the requirement of the desired personnel in industries. No doubt, an industrial engineer is the jack of all traits in any kind of industry.

Job of Industrial Engineer

The estimation of production cost, creation of effective product design, development of production standards, revision of production schedules, delegation of responsibilities to the workers and completion of production within the given time frame are the major tasks executed by an industrial engineer.

Industrial Engineer decides and monitors the quality control objectives, and resolves any sort of problem that occurs during the production process. His main focus is always on the efficient production and cost minimization. He also keeps an update of the project status, purchases, manufacturing and production processes. Also, the design, layout and draft of the equipments and materials are summarized by him.

Required Qualifications

Mechanical knowledge is one aspect without which a person can not realize the dream of making a career in industrial engineering. An engineering degree coupled with the knowledge of industrial production and technology is the foremost qualification required for a job of industrial engineer. A keen design sense, command on English language and computer knowledge are the other requirements to do the work of an industrial engineer.

A strong background of Mathematics is compulsory since the work involves the application of arithmetic, calculus, algebra, geometry and statistics. The job profile also demands a command on management and administration principles which are the basic tools for resource allocation, production and strategic planning, and; work coordination and delegation.

Skill Requirements

An ability to think logically and critically helps industrial engineers to weigh the various available options and take the best decision in favor of efficient production. They should also possess the active listening and fast reading skills to take the desired steps in flick of seconds. Quick decision making and excellent time management skills make the person doing industrial engineering jobs , quite resourceful.

Retail Point Of Sale System Effectiveness And Pos Solutions

The effectiveness of retail point of sale system and POS solutions are common concerns of retail stores. They want the most efficient retail point of sales management system. The software can be a powerhouse.

Retailers are constantly searching the most cost efficient retail point of sale system. They want POS software that is easily integrated with various modules. Many retail organisations use POS software.
Retail Point of sale system software are designed to raise profits and for managing. The system can manage inventory, customers, and other transactions. Management can track orders and sales.

There are many retail point of sales software that can be configured. It can be deployed to most retail stores. The features are magnificent including the system configuration and security.
Do you have POS solutions to effectively run your retail business? If not, there is management system software that has modules. The modules are very important and are used by managers, staff and management.

The various modules may consist of customer and supply chain management. The general ledger and bank reconciliation are modules used by managers and management. Retailers need reliable information and data.

The features of retail point of sales management systems ensure security and control. Internal and external control is very crucial in retail organisations. Accurate reports can be generated in POS systems.
The perfect retail point of sale system can be the key to all retailers POS solutions. Advanced technology of POS software has made that possible. A system with operable modules is the best thing for retail.

Customers can experience faster services with a retail point of sale system. The waiting time is reduced tremendously for customers. There are POS solutions to speed up the process of customers transactions.

The staff, managers and upper management of retail businesses can work effectively. The POS solutions to most retail point of sales systems can produce accurate information. The reliability of data is ensured.
When a retailer purchase new retail point of sales software, training is necessary. Staff, management, and employees should be trained to use the system. Certification is also offered to retail businesses.

Retail businesses should always stay current with the latest retail point of sales management system software. It can increase your sales, profits, and business growth. Most of all it saves time and expenses.
Every retailer wants accurate, reliable information and data from their POS system software. It is the greatest power tool used today amongst thousands of retail stores.

SAP Business One Reseller news shipping industry implementation

SAP B1 mid-size and small business ERP is currently in active expansion mode. We expect number of new installation to increase, especially with SB1 version 2007A release earlier this year for US market. SAP B1 has modern accounting application design and user interface is very intuitive. These two factors translate into real flexibility of SB1 business processes, where you can virtually design industry vertical business logic without purchasing add-on or ordering customization programming from SB1 ISV. In this small publication we would like to cover SB1 implementation example in transportation industry with the needs in agent settlement report and modifiable bill of lading:

1.Agent Settlement Report in standard out of the box SB1. If you are running mid-size cargo delivering agency, you probably already heard from MRP vendors, that your ERP system implementation and software licenses would cost you several hundred thousand dollars. This is in essence true, if you are trying to implement or already implemented traditional ERP software with so-called add-ons extension technology, where add-ons software developer make money on extending pretty rigid ERP standard business logic. The difference of SB1 lays in the fact of outstanding flexibility – standard business logics are not in essence casted and frozen, they are rather given to you as the platform for ERP modification, discovery and casting the data entry and handling procedures. Agent Settlement Report in SB1 could be realized on the base of business partners internal reconciliation with the option checked for multiple business partners

2.Bill of Lading. This cargo shipping classical report is often different from one transportation business to another. In SB1 you can start your discovery from Sales Order form, and then in you have sophisticated rules in MAWB and HAWB – you can continue your research with Picking and Packing in Inventory. BOL is often tough report to print and design, please consider calling us to get your case example streamlined

3.SB1 licensing. It is named user all-in-one and your can purchase user licenses through SB1 implementation partners channel exclusively. Please, locate SB1 partner in your area or who is the leader implementing your industry ERP cases

Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum, , . Please visit our information portal Pegas Planet: , serving ERP systems community since 1993, local service in Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, remote support in CA, IL, IN, NY, FL, AZ, WA, NV, MI, WI, QC, ON, BC and the rest of USA and Canada. For 2008 we have SAP BO promotion campaign where we will send our sales engineer and implementation consultant free of charge to you if you are in USA or Canada country side. You will pay only for consulting hourly rates, and we will pay for travel and lodging.

Turnaround Your Retail Business

Turning around a retail business is easy, so much a lot of straightforward in fact than the many books written on the subject. Once you cut away all the fluff, it extremely comes down to some basics. Get these right and you’ll the focus on the additional complicated ideas.
The high six concepts for turning around a retail business in tough times are:
USP. Guarantee that the business contains a unique selling proposition, product, services or different factors which make the business distinctive from others in the same field. If you are doing not contains a USP why should people search with you?
Value management. Create certain that business prices are managed, that you are not spending cash on non-income generating activities. If your prices aren’t managed and are indeed out of management then you wish to sell more to cope with this.
Use folks who wish to figure there. Cheerful employees help you sell additional products. Selecting the right folks is very important to making any business more successful.
Competitive offer. Your product combine and pricing would like to demonstrate that your business is competitive. If your costs don’t seem to be good or your product combine not right then why would client shop with you?
Traffic generation. It is vitally necessary to plug the business outside its four walls. How you are doing this can depend on the business. Too usually, businesses in trouble are spending nothing or terribly very little on promoting their businesses. External selling could be a free check in your automotive, an advertisement or a self created flyer.
Being client friendly. Ensure that your retail business is laid out to suit customers and to assist them pay money.
The following pointers are non ancient because they’re straightforward and specialize in very basic ideas. While there are lots of different ideas for turning around a retail business, if you do not have these basic ideas right then the additional complicated and time consuming ideas can not help.
if your retail business is in trouble, start immediately to require action. Doing something, anything, is healthier than nothing and worrying. The ideas in this article are designed to get you pondering steps you can take while not spending money.